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We would like to invite you to submit a guest blog post for our growing health economist audience. In addition to sharing health economics jobs, we also publish blog posts on topics and news that are relevant to our fellow health economists. These include training courses and education, health economics conferences and events, and webinars. We also provide content to help health economists advance their careers. Do you have an idea for a blog post? Please let us know with form below.

Why should you contribute?

By sharing your message on our blog, you will enjoy numerous benefits, such as:

  1. Reaching a wide audience: Your message will be seen by health economists. During the past 12 months, our website had over 22,000 visitors and over 102,000 page views.
  2. Promoting your events.
  3. Getting participants for your training programs.
  4. Enhancing your professional credibility.
  5. Expanding your network by connecting with other experts in the field.

What kind of posts are we looking for?

We’re interested in a wide range of health economics related topics that help our readers grow professionally. We publish blog posts on:

  1. Training courses.
  2. Health economics education.
  3. Health economics conferences and events.
  4. Webinars and online sessions.
  5. Career development tips and advice.

Please note that we do not post research publications, conference abstracts, or posters.

Do you have an idea for a guest post?

Let us know with the form below. Are you not sure if your idea is a good fit? No worries! Just contact us with the form below, and we can exchange ideas and develop your concept further into a blog post that suits our audience.

Guest blog post guidelines

Before submitting your guest post, please ensure that your content adheres to the following guidelines:

  1. Originality: We understand you may have published your information elsewhere (e.g., on your website). We ask that you edit your text to make it slightly different and unique for our blog.
  2. Length: Articles should be between 500 and 1,500 words.
  3. Tone: Write in a clear, friendly, and engaging way that our professional audience will enjoy.
  4. Headings: Use clear subheadings to ease reading.
  5. Supporting materials: If you have images or graphs, you can email them to us. Ensure you have credit and permissions for their use.
  6. References: Cite any sources you use at the end of your guest post.

Promotion policy

We encourage you to promote yourself as an expert by sharing useful information for your health economist peers. However, our platform is not for self-promotion or trying to sell products or services. Focus on providing valuable insights and information that will benefit our community of professionals. We reserve the choice of what will be published on the blog.

How to submit

Ready to submit your guest post? Contact us with the form and include the following information. If you have images, you can email those later.

  1. The title and a brief summary of your guest post idea.
  2. The full text of your article, including any supporting materials and references.
  3. When the post should be published and unpublished (if applicable).
  4. Your full name, title, and organization (if applicable).
  5. A short author bio (100-150 words) (if applicable).

We’ll get back to you shortly. We’re excited to collaborate with you and share your insights on!

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