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Is your HEOR & market access team stretched thin, struggling to meet project demands? You need a reliable and experienced health economist to fill immediate gaps. However, the lengthy recruitment process and limited headcount are causing you headaches. As a manager, you might find yourself increasingly involved in day-to-day tasks, away from strategic management.

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EuropeanHealthEconomics.com the specialised job board for health economists

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Why choose EuropeanHealthEconomics.com?

Para Economistas de la Salud - por Economistas de la Salud

EuropeanHealthEconomics.com the specialised job board for health economists

Specialised access to freelancer health economists

EuropeanHealthEconomics.com, a job board exclusively for health economists, offers you direct connections to experienced freelance professionals. Our platform provides unique access to a specialised pool of freelance health economists, a resource that’s often challenging to find through personal networks or general job boards.

Expertise in health economics

Led by Dr. Jari Kempers, an experienced health economist (PhD), at EuropeanHealthEconomics.com we understand the challenges and requirements of your health economics projects. Therefore, we can help you by selecting the most suitable freelance health economist for your needs. We’ll find you a freelancer who has the right technical skills and experience, and also a track record of successfully completed projects.

Swift hiring process

Our service simplifies and accelerates your search for the right freelance health economist for your assignment, eliminating the hassle of lengthy recruitment processes. With EuropeanHealthEconomics.com, you’ll tap into a talent pool of qualified and experienced health economists, alongside the reach of our specialised job board.

Flexible hiring

EuropeanHealthEconomics.com offers you a flexible hiring solution. You can hire a freelance health economist on an as-needed basis, providing you with the flexibility to manage your team’s resources effectively according to workload fluctuations. This cost-effective approach allows you to access the health economics expertise you need without the overhead of hiring a full-time employee.

Effective use of your resources

Hiring a freelance health economist via EuropeanHealthEconomics.com contributes to effective resource use, both in terms of team capacity and budget. By engaging a freelance professional, you can effectively distribute workload, preventing overburdening your team. Moreover, you can avoid the long-term overhead expenses associated with recruiting new permanent employees, making a freelance health economist a flexible and cost-effective solution.

Long-term commitment and partnership

We believe in delivering value beyond just finding a suitable freelance health economist for your project. We are always available to discuss and advise you, ensuring that your partnership with us is both rewarding and long-lasting.

EuropeanHealthEconomics.com the specialised job board for health economists

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How does our freelancer hiring process work?

EuropeanHealthEconomics.com the specialised job board for health economists

1. Schedule a call

Schedule a consultation with Jari Kempers. To ensure we make the most of our discussion, please think about the tasks you’ll need the freelancer to undertake and the specific expertise you’re looking for.

2. Consultation

We’ll discuss the assignment, timeline, and freelancer profile you need. We’ll explore how we can help you find the right freelance health economist. Confidentiality agreements can be signed if required.

3. Search

We sign a service agreement. At this point, you are not making any financial commitments, you are simply assigning us the task of finding a freelancer. We begin the search immediately.

4. Introductions

We’ll provide you with the CVs of 1 – 3 freelance health economists who have the necessary expertise and are currently available. You review the CVs and select the candidates you wish to interview.

5. Interviews

You will interview the candidates, then choose the freelancer you wish to engage. Following your selection, we’ll finalise the contracts, and the freelance health economist will start the assignment with you.

EuropeanHealthEconomics.com the specialised job board for health economists

When does your team need a freelance health economist?

Support your team with freelance health economist

As the manager of a health economics team, you understand the critical need for adequate resources and the right mix of expertise when needed. There are situations where the support of a freelance health economist is key to helping you and your team successfully deliver projects while effectively managing your team’s workload. Let’s examine these situations and discover how a freelance health economist can become a strategic asset for your team.

Handling increased workload of your team

When your health economics team is under-resourced, the workload and looming deadlines start to become overwhelming. Deliverables start to be late and postponed. You start to wonder, “Are we even capable of managing all this and meet the deadlines your team is already stretched so thin? What if we can’t keep up?” In such situations, a freelance health economist can provide the temporary support needed to manage the workload effectively.

Addressing short-term project needs

When your team is already at capacity, you are often asked to take on new, important, and time-sensitive projects. This situation is common, and while you’d like to commit and deliver, hesitation sets in: “Can we really take this on?” A freelance health economist can offer the necessary support for these short-term projects, ensuring your team isn’t overburdened and you don’t regret any commitments made.

Bridging recruitment gaps

Did a key member of your team leave? The search for a perfect permanent health economist candidate can be frustratingly lengthy. During this period, your primary concern is, “How do we keep things moving? What if this takes even longer?” A freelance health economist can act as a temporary stopgap, ensuring your projects stay on course until the right candidate joins your team.

Managing work overflow

During periods of unexpected workload surge, especially when your team is fully committed to ongoing work, managing this without increasing the size of your permanent team becomes challenging. You might not have the headcount for it, and this leads to the pressing question: “How can we manage this overflow without long-term hires? Is that a risk?” In such situations, a freelance health economist offers a flexible solution, filling the gap without the need for a long-term commitment.

Accessing specialised expertise

Have you received a project in a specific disease area, or in a country or region, where your team lacks the necessary expertise or experience? This situation often raises concerns: ‘How can I find someone with the right expertise quickly? What if our attempts to handle it internally go wrong?’ In these situations, a freelance health economist with the specific expertise can be the perfect solution to this dilemma.

Covering for maternity or paternity leave

While baby news is always a reason for celebration, the maternity or paternity leave of a key team member can present challenges in maintaining your team’s workflow and keeping projects on track. It’s natural to be concerned about potential disruptions, thinking, “How will we manage without the key team member?” In these instances, a freelance health economist can step in to fill the temporary gap, providing the necessary support to ensure your projects continue smoothly.

Reducing your overload as a manager

As a manager, becoming too involved in day-to-day tasks of your team members can lead to increased stress and the risk of burnout. You may start to question, “Is this situation sustainable? I’m already working long days, back-to-back in meetings and calls for all projects. How can I handle all this without burning out?” Employing an experienced freelance health economist, who is capable of independently handling a project or a portion of the workload, can significantly alleviate your burden, allowing you to focus on your core managerial responsibilities.

In each of these situations, a freelance health economist can be an invaluable asset for your team, offering the flexibility, specialized skills, and additional support you need, when you need it. At EuropeanHealthEconomics.com, we understand these challenges and are committed to assisting you in finding the ideal freelance expertise. This ensures that your projects progress smoothly and your team continues to work efficiently and without unnecessary stress. To begin, tell us about your situation and what you need, and we’ll help you find the right freelance health economist for your team.

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EuropeanHealthEconomics.com the specialised job board for health economists

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