Complete STATA Workflow + Tips

Online Course. Master STATA for data management, graphs and data analysis with TIPS for the best workflow.

What Will I Learn?

  • First, tips and hints for the best WORKFLOW showing how to use commands step-by-step.
  • Manage, edit and structure large databases ready for data analysis, up to 2 billion observations.
  • Generate descriptive statistics, summary tables, cross tabulations, frequencies and much more.
  • Create powerful publication-quality graphs showcasing hidden info insights, edit and combine them in order to send clear messages.
  • Do your own statistical models in order to predict and/or forecast your key interest variables or events.
  • Complete guidance and orientation, the course is made into sections that shows a natural progression order.
  • Quizzes after each section, so you have a way to keep practicing on your own.
  • The course is made in sections with lectures that grow into several Data Analysis/Estimations Projects considering all lectures and workflow taught in order for full grasp of STATA capabilities.
  • Last but not least, be sure to look at the previews.


Hi! My name is Mauricio and I want you to be a PRO in STATA.

Over the years, I’ve learned that STATA is a powerful data analysis software (data management, graphs and statistics):

  1. >>> If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, you may know what quantitative analysis you need, but you may experience difficulties using STATA to get those results, making your research harder.
  2. >>> If you are a professional and you already have some STATA knowledge, you can also benefit from this course by jumping straight into those sections you need the most.

The plan of this course is to give you the BEST WORKFLOW ever.

Each video provides the best practices coupled with tips and hints that will boost your STATA work. So, less time learning STATA, and more time getting results out of it!

With more than +100 detailed lectures and +9.5 hours of video, you’ll get the best way to handle STATA and you will have LIFETIME access too!

Be sure to enroll now and use all resources to get the most of it: lectures, exercises, messages and more.

See you inside,

-M.A. Mauricio M.

Who is the target audience?

  • Undergraduate and graduate students needing to do quantitative analysis for your own requirements
  • Some of the careers that nowadays need quantitative analysis are: Biostatistics, Business Administration, Economics, Education, Epidemiology, Finance, Marketing Research, Medical Research, Political Science, Public Health, Public Policy, Sociology and many others

Student Reviews:

“Helpful course!” (July 2018).

“It’s easy to follow and a good start.” (April 2018).

“Having taken the course, I feel more confident with my Stata skills.” (April 2018).

“The instructor has done a good job of introducing Stata and provides some very good examples.” (March 2018).

“Good explanations.” (January 2018).

“For someone who has never had exposure to STATA before I really enjoy the way this is taught.” (December 2017).

“I believe the content is well-presented.” (November 2017).


GOOD NEWS! STATA 15 compatible! Go ahead and enroll now!


MORE Student Reviews:

“really interesting and informative course. it gives a good grasp of basic STATA. there should be the next course to more advanced level.” (November 2017)

“Really thorough and well explained on how to use the basics and access the help to understand the syntax better” (October 2017)

“Instructor is knowledgeable, willing to help and very responsive.” (September 2017)

“The course is comprehensive, well organized and well explained. It covers the most fundamental topics of Stata so that you can use it confidently.” (August 2017)

“The course is comprehensive, well organized and well explained.” (July 2017)

Great course to start learning STATA! This course covers broadly the features of STATA and gives you an idea of how to perform simple data processing with the software.” (June 2017)

“Very good explained and takes us from level 0.” (June 2017)

“The class is perfect for non-english native speakers. Easy and slow  explanations, with exemples are presented throughout the course.” (May 2017)

“Porque explicadesde o começo o significado de cadaparte do programa.” (March 2017)

“Wow this course is amazing! Great content and really helpful!” (February 2017)

“well done Introduction” (January 2017)

“It is an excellent course specially for beginners to understand from the basics.” (January 2017)

“I have just completed this course I believe it’s excellent value for money, however, I will continue to use it as a reference (…)” (January 2017)

“No complaints so far” (December 2016)

“-Explaining from the very first basic steps then continue with explaining more advance is the best way to learn (…) ” (December 2016)

“Great course, with a lot of useful content, really recommendable” (November 2016)

“If someone wants to start learning STATA, this is the course to take. If someone (like me) knows how to do certain things in STATA but wants to learn deeply how to use it, this is also the place to be (…)” (November 2016)

“Because it is valuable and well introduced and explained the subject” (November 2016)

“The instructor is very passionate and knowledgeable.” (November 2016)

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