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Are you looking for a way to advertise directly to health economists? is a specialized job board for health economists and a go-to destination for professionals in this field. Place a banner ad on our website and weekly newsletter to ensure your message reaches health economists.

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1. Target Health Economists

The job board

Our job board offers a platform for advertising to health economists, market access professionals, and managers and directors of these teams. With over 2,000 unique monthly visitors, your banner ad and message will be seen by a highly targeted and engaged audience. We publish new health economics jobs daily, ensuring a steady stream of visitors.

If you would like to post jobs ads, please visit the Post a Health Economics Job Advertisement page.

The Health Economics Jobs Newsletter

Additionally, we offer banner ads in our weekly Boletín de Empleos de Economía de la Salud with over 1,500 subscribers. These opted-in subscribers are interested in health economics opportunities, making them a highly specialized and targeted audience.

Banner ads to reach the highly targeted audience, health economists
Target your advertisement directly to health economics professionals.
Your banner ads will be displayed at the top section of each page, ensuring that your ad will always be visible to the visitors
Your banner ad will have high visibility at the top-right section of the website.

2. High Visibility: Top-Right Section Banner Placement

Your banner ads will have enhanced visibility on our website, ensuring maximum exposure. Ads will be displayed at the top and bottom sections of each page for consistent visibility. Therefore, you can be confident that your banner ad will be seen by health economists visiting the job board.

In addition, your banner ad will also be displayed at the top section of a weekly newsletter, reaching over 1,500 subscribers. This combined advertising strategy ensures a broad and highly targeted audience for maximum exposure and high-quality leads.

3. Focused and Cost-effective Banner Advertising

Pay per impression

Advertising on is focused and cost-effective. With a cost-per-impression (CPM) pricing model, you only pay for impressions your banner ad receives. This efficient approach ensures you get the most out of your budget, reaching health economists for as long as your budget allows.

Focus on reaching health economists

Importantly, the highly specialised visitor profile of the job board, increases the cost-effectiveness of your banner ads. Your ad budget will be focused on reaching health economists, ensuring that you don’t waste any money on an unrelated audience.

an efficient way to reach health economists, as you'll get the most out of your advertisement budget
You will only pay for the impressions your banner ad receives.

Where will your banner ad be displayed?

Your banner ad will appear in two positions: 1) the top-right section, and 2) below the main content.

Top-right section

Located between the header and main content, your banner ad will be visible to as soon as users land on the website. The rectangular “leaderboard” banner ad measures 728 pixels wide and 90 pixels tall.

Below the main content

Your banner ad will also appear below the main content of each job ad or post, above the footers. This means that as visitors scroll down the page to explore more content or look for additional information, they’ll see your banner ad again.

By having your banner ad displayed prominently at both the top and bottom sections of each page, you can increase the likelihood that your message will be seen by health economists visiting the job board. This not only helps to increase your brand’s visibility, but also increases the chances of attracting potential customers or clients to your website.

Your banner ad is 1 of 5 rotating ads

Your ad is one of five rotating banners. These banners are rotated in equal portions. When your banner ad is displayed, it will be visible for the entire duration that the visitor stays on a job ad page. This placement provides maximum exposure to a highly relevant audience, making it an effective advertising option for reaching health economists.

Banner ads for health economists
The two display positions of your banner ads.

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