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Does this sound familiar to you? Are you struggling to find qualified health economists for your vacancies? Is the recruitment process taking too long? Is the hiring manager getting frustrated? Are you using general job boards, but not getting applications from experienced health economists? Are you thinking of hiring an expensive recruitment agency? Hold on. We can help you.

Finding a health economist does not have to be difficult. You just need to know where to look. is a specialized job board for health economists, where your roles reach job-seeking health economists. You’ll find and hire the right health economist for the job.

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Share your roles automatically with job-seeking health economists

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Find the Right Health Economist
Reach job-seeking health economists

Reach job-seeking health economists

Well-known specialised job board for health economists

On, your health economics roles reach over 2,000 job-seeking health economists each month. The specialised job board is made for health economists – by health economists. It was founded by Jari Kempers (health economist, PhD) to help his peers find all health economics job opportunities in one place, and for companies to reach and hire health economists directly.

Weekly Health Economics Jobs Newsletter with >1,000 subscribers

Your health economics vacancies are shared on our weekly Health Economics Jobs Newsletter. The newsletter has over 1,000 subscribers, and these health economists read these emails. The weekly Health Economics Jobs Newsletter is an impressive open rate of 44%, while the recruitment industry average is below 20%.

Share all your HEOR vacancies automatically

Get applications – through your career website or email

Use and support your own recruitment system

Health economists who are interested in your roles are sent directly to your company’s career page, where they can apply for the job. In this way, you support and use your company’s recruitment system. If you prefer, the applications can also be emailed to you directly. You get applications. Choose whom to interview and hire the right health economist for the job. No recruitment agencies are needed.

Get applications - through your recruitment system

Use your recruitment budget efficiently

Get an excellent return on your investment

The job ads are a small investment to boost and fast-track your recruitment of health economists. Moreover, these are likely to create an excellent return on your investment.

Suppose you want to hire a health economist manager, whose annual salary + bonus are € 100,000. If you use a recruitment agency, you may need to pay a recruitment fee of €30,000 (30%). If instead, you find the health economist via our job board and you do the recruitment yourself, your investment is only €350. That is only 1.2% of the fee of an agency. That is 85 times lower investment. With the same amount, you could post 7 jobs ads every month with us all year long.

Reach your target group

Your job ads reach your niche target group: job-seeking health economists. You reduce waste by showing your roles directly to the right audience. You don’t spend your budget on click-per-fee advertising, which may create many views, but only a few qualified applications.

Get an excellent return on investment on health economist job ads

Build brand awareness as a potential workplace

In our job board, your roles and company are consistently visible to health economists. Many of our visitors are passively looking for their next career move. Your job ads here, help you to build awareness of your company as an interesting and potential workplace now and in the future. When the passive job-seeking health economists decide to move, your company should be in their minds. Otherwise, they apply elsewhere.

For who is the job advertisement service?

The health economics job ads are for HR professionals who want to get extra visibility for their company’s health economics roles and get applications through their own recruitment system. The service is also for hiring managers who want to reach job-seeking health economists and fill in their teams quickly. Are you recruiting for one health economist role? Then the single job ad is the most suited for you. However, if your company has three or more health economics-related job openings in a year, then the package of 3 job ads is the best value for you.


Find the Right Health Economist

As a specialist HEOR recruiter, attracting and reaching the best talent in the market is vital. The job posting service of enables me to broadcast my vacancies quickly and easily and reach candidates who are outside of my network. This is a great site and a fantastic resource for growing my network.

 – Gareth Lee, Independent HEOR & Market Access Recruiter

100% money back guarantee for health economist job ad premium service

30-day money-back guarantee

Your investment is fully backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
If you are unsatisfied with the service, we will fully refund the fee.

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Find the Right Health Economist

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What other alternatives do you have, and what are the costs?

Your company’s career pages

Your company’s career website is obviously the best choice for you, and there are no additional costs. However, even if your company is a large international company, the chances are that your career pages are not reaching and attracting enough qualified health economists. Most of them don’t follow a single company. By advertising your jobs on, you reach and drive more health economist candidates to your career pages.

Internal referrals

You can ask your employees if they know health economists who could be suitable and interested in your HEOR role. Sometimes this does work, but the reach of internal referrals is often limited. Typically, pharmaceutical companies pay their employee an internal referral bonus of € 3,000 – € 5,000 per role.

General job boards

General job boards, like Indeed or Glassdoor, have impressive visitor numbers but tend to reach only a limited number of health economists. You might find candidates for your junior roles. For more experienced health economist roles, you might need to look elsewhere. You can spend a lot on pay-per-click advertising but still receive only a few qualified applications. To make these job ads worthwhile, you need to spend at least € 500 per job ad.

CV databases

General job boards offer you subscriptions to their massive CV databases. However, there are not many health economists in these databases. Also, many of those you find are outdated and not looking for a job anymore. Health economists are hired quickly, and they don’t update the CV databases. These CV databases cost you € 2,400 per recruiter per year.


LinkedIn is a great networking tool, but it is not a well-suited platform for health economist jobs. Yes, almost every health economist is on LinkedIn, but they don’t visit it for jobs. Moreover, the number of health economics jobs on LinkedIn is quite limited. If you advertise there, your job ads need to compete with all other “noise” on the platform. Similarly to the general job boards, you might not get many responses from experienced candidates. Also, your LinkedIn pay-per-click advertising costs will accumulate fast. You need to spend at least € 500 per job ad.

Recruitment agencies

First, you try to find and hire a health economist through your regular channels, but without success. Then you turn to a recruitment agency. This is where it gets expensive. Say you want to hire a health economist manager, whose annual salary + bonus are € 100,000. A recruitment agency may charge you a 30% recruitment fee. This means that you need to pay a recruitment fee of €30,000.

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