Excel infographics ANIMATION with easy VBA.

Online course. Easily create impressive interactive dynamic Excel projects with animation. Exercise files included for fast learning. Skill up now!

What you’ll learn?

  • Learn the most secret skill for endless creative Excel projects and get instant visibility and recognition at work.
  • You will learn tons of animation tricks for great user Experience.
  • Learn super easy VBA codes for achieving all kinds of animations. No prior coding experience required.
  • Easily add professional animated menus to any Excel projects for great user Experience.
  • Add unlimited awesome button animations for that nice user feel.
  • Create awesome animated splash screens for any Excel project such as animation with password access to a work book, loading animation when a workbook is clicked open, Sci-fi style animated splash screen menus.
  • Make every Excel project interactive with meaningful animations.
  • Master the most creative skill in Excel, that’s animation.
  • Learn different properties of shapes such as glow, blur, transparancy to achieve tricky animations.
  • Master mouse hover animation to create professional Excel projects.
  • Create beautiful graph animations.
  • Learn 3D style animation effects in Excel.
  • After completing this course you’ll be confident to create any subtle to complex animation that will turn any project a professional work and surely you’ll become an awesome developer and designer.


  • Basic working knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • you would preferably need Excel 2010 or above, though you should still be able to follow with 2007 version.


Excel animation made easy! Yes, animation can change the way your user look at your Excel projects. It’s a WOW experience you give to your users just like those killer apps in the app store! The great news is this course is designed for all levels of Excel user. Anyone with basic Excel skill without any prior VBA  or coding skills can get started with animation in Excel. This is a step by step course on animating in Excel and thus is a complete comprehensive course. Check out the comments by my current students to see how easy it is to get started with animation with this course. This is a project-based course and all the working files are included for fast and fun learning. Now learn this most satisfying skill in Excel in no time!

**The only Excel animation course you’ll find anywhere! It’s a professionally designed course with super-easy concepts and tricks for creating unlimited beautiful and meaningful animations for any Excel dashboard, reports, charts or anything. No prior experience of coding required. Now take your Excel work to a whole new level! Satisfaction guaranteed.**

Do you want to get super creative at work and make every Excel project impressive? Do you want to wow your users: your clients, customers, your boss and anyone? Get started learning Excel animation and become highly wanted! There’s no limit with Excel animation, create what you can think! Get things to action in no time! Create professional animation such as splash screen animations for all Excel projects and have your users jaws dropped as soon as they click to open a workbook. Never before animation in Excel was so easy and awesome as this course requires no prior knowledge of coding and all you need to know is just the bare basics of Excel and you are ready to become an excellent animator. Everything is covered step by step from beginner’s to master level. Animation in Excel is achieved through VBA (programming language of Excel), but they are super easy and in fact easier than writing some excel formulas like Vlookup.

Also in adition to learning concepts and writing simple codes, I’ll also show you how you can record macros and modify the codes a very little to achieve any desired animation. This means you’ll not have to take the stress of remembering codes and yet understand how things work and when required you’ll be able to write animation codes from the scratch! So in any case you’ll end up becoming a developer and a creative professional with this course. If you are a complete beginner, you gonna love it. It’s super easy to get started with animation in Excel. And if you are already an advanced Excel user or a seasoned VBA programmer, you would be so glad to come across this course, as you will learn tons of tricks to create awesome animations in Excel.

How many people do you know who knows animation in Excel? Chances are not many or maybe none! So be the first to upgrade your skill in Excel! With the Exercise files/ working files included, everything in this course is step by step learning. From writing your first macro/program to writing beautiful animation codes which are not only very easy but very fun to learn. And the best part is you don’t have to remember any codes, as Excel will generate those codes when you record a macro. I will take you through all the projects by recording macros and then just make little tweaking to the codes generated by Excel. And also I’ll show you how to get the codes from the internet that you are looking and create animations with that. So like I said, no stress on the brain learning codes and it’s just fun animating. So some of the things you’ll learn are:

  • move around shapes in Excel with codes,

  • rotate shapes,

  • understand 3D rotations in X, Y, Z axis

  • Morphing of shapes

  • create amazing animated splash screens to create first impression when a user clicks open your Excel workbook. Its a winning trick you’d always use once you learn

  • create loading screens like seen on web pages /  mobile apps in your Excel workbooks

  • create animated password access splash screen system to your Excel workbooks.

  • learn different styles of animated menus like slide out menus, slide down menus, scaling menus, toggle button animated menus

  • loop animations

  • chart animation / graph animation in Excel

  • Learn text animation, that you’ll always use in all simple to big Excel projects. Because it’s insanely easy and useful!

  • learn to apply various animations in all kinds of dashboards/reports/simple information workbook

  • learn awesome button animations for that great user experience every time someone interacts with your dashboards/reports/projects

  • creative mouse hover animation for all projects

  • various transitions and effect animations

  • learn all properties of shapes such as transparency, blur, Scale height/width, glow, color to achieve amazing animation effects that can be applied to any project.

Fun is guaranteed throughout this course as you would be amazed to see yourself animating your imagination right within Excel. By the end of the course, you’ll be armed with tons of tricks to create any kind of professional animation for any projects. And if you get stuck somewhere or trying out new animation ideas just post your questions on Udemy forum and I’m always around for quick support.

This course is frequently updated with new animation tricks so that you continue to gain from this course. And this course also comes with 30 days of risk free money back guarantee from Udemy. So, for any reason if you are not satisfied, you get full refund, no questions asked. So, go ahead and enroll in this course today and become a creative tech professional.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone wanting to add professional animations to excel projects such as animated splash screens, animated menus, text animations, graph animation and any creative animation you can think of or have come across and turn any Excel projects a professional work
  • Anyone wanting to add professional animations to excel projects
  • Anyone who loves animation in general and want to take Excel skill to the next level
  • Anyone who likes to get creative at work

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