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Why Python is Health Economists’ New Best Friend?

Python is now the second top software skill required from health economists. We reviewed 100 health economist job ads on It is clear that Python is not just a buzzword; it’s a new requirement for health economists. In this post, we’ll walk you through why Python is becoming a must-have skill and how it can seriously improve your chances in the job market.

Python’s rise in health economics

Python is the second software skill, right after Excel VBA, that employers are looking for. 21% of health economist job ads, that included software skills, required Python skills, especially for roles in data analytics, health economics modelling, and RWE studies. Whether you are looking for a director- or a mid-level role, Python is making its presence as a requirement across different career stages.

Python stands out for its capabilities in data analysis and modelling. When compared with other programming languages, Python offers superior usability and functionality, making it a preferred tool for health economists.

Don’t know Python yet?

Learning Python is a strategic move for health economists looking to enhance their job prospects. Obtaining a Python certification and including it in your CV and LinkedIn profile can significantly boost your appeal to potential employers.

How to learn it effectively?

If you’re new to programming, starting with Python might seem daunting. However, there are several resources available for practical application and problem-solving in Python. And if you’re already comfortable with the basics, diving into advanced Python can be super rewarding, especially if you are building economic models.

Boost your career prospects with a Python certificate

Structured learning and certification in Python can be invaluable. Here you can find the most popular and highly rated online Python courses, that provide you with an excellent starting point. Happy learning!

As a health economist, Python skills can open your doors to many new opportunities. This can be your secret weapon, because currently, most health economists don’t know Python, and only a few can boast a Python certificate on their CV.