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Health Economics Jobs Newsletter Reaches 1,500 Subscribers!

Hello Fellow Health Economists,

I’m delighted to announce that our weekly Health Economics Job Newsletter now has over 1,500 subscribers! When we began this journey, I could not have imagined that so many health economists would sign up for our job newsletter. In the past six months, the rate of new subscribers has continued to grow.

To me this confirms that, in the era of information overload and massive job platforms, there is a genuine need for a specialised job board serving only health economists.

Our newsletter and job board have become a convenient, go-to resource for health economists and a targeted platform for companies seeking to connect with job-seeking health economists.

If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to the Newsletter here.

Thank you for using!

Best regards,

Jari Kempers
Health Economist, PhD

For health economists – by health economists.

P.S. You may have noticed that we have started to sell banner ads on our newsletter and job board. If your company is interested in advertising directly to health economists, you can learn more about the Banner Ads here.

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