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FAQs about job advertisements

I want to try advertising a health economist role. Do you have a free trial?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a free trial. You can start with posting a single job ad, which is a small and low-risk investment. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the service. You can post a single job ad: here.

How many health economists see my job ad? is visited consistently by over 2,000 health economists each month. Most of them go through the main job page, where your job ad is. Moreover, your job ad is shared in the weekly health economics job newsletter, with over 1,000 subscribers. You can see the monthly stats of the job board: here.

How many applications will I get?

It depends. The location and seniority of your role influence this. For example, for a junior analyst job in London, you get more applications than a director role in Finland. Also, how good the text of your job ad is and what the requirements are, play a role. The health economist job market is tight, especially with experienced candidates. The value of our service is not determined by the volume of applications but by you being able to reach the right health economists at the right time and get applications from them.

How do I receive the applications?

You have two options: 1) you can get applications directly to your email, or 2) candidates are sent to your career page where they apply for the role. Just fill in your preference in the email or website for the applications field when you post a job.

How do I know which application I got via

If the applications are sent to your email, you’ll receive an automatic email every time someone applies for your role. Unfortunately, when the candidates use your career page, we cannot track who these persons are. Maybe your IT can help you with this. Moreover, “leakage” from our job board to your career pages cannot be measured. For example, a health economist reads about your new position in our newsletter on her mobile during a workday, but she applies for the role on her home computer next weekend. This application cannot be attributed to our job board.

What are the free job ads?

To provide job-seeking health economists with additional relevant content, we post some health economics jobs for free. However, the publication of these jobs is always delayed by 14 days. Moreover, these jobs have limited visibility due to their lower position on the website. We select which roles are published. Would you like to use the full visibility of the specialised job board and reach job-seeking health economists? You can advertise your company’s health economics jobs: here.

Do you keep copies of the CV I get?

No, the applications you get are yours only. Unlike many other job boards, candidates don’t need to register before applying for your role. This is convenient for the candidates, and you get more applications. The only exception is when the candidate chooses to include his/her CV in our Health Economics Talent Pool.

We use other job boards. Why should we use yours?

General jobs boards have impressive visitor numbers, but they tend to reach only a limited number of health economists. You may spend a lot on pay-per-click advertising and get many views, but only a few qualified applications. is a specialised job board for health economists. On our job board, your health economics roles reach over 2,000 health economists each month. Moreover, your job ad is shared in the weekly health economics jobs newsletter with over 1,000 subscribers.

We are using a recruitment agency. Why should I use your job board?

Our goal is to help you to hire health economists by yourself. We believe that in most cases, the fees of recruitment agencies are disproportionate. Our job board offers you an opportunity to create significant cost savings. But, of course, you can always keep your options open and continue using the agencies – in parallel with our specialised job board. One of the reasons why many companies still rely on recruitment agencies is because health economists got used to being recruited. There was no specialised platform for reaching them. Our service is your ticket to reach them directly.