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Frequently Asked Questions about the Talent Pool

The CV database

What is the Health Economics Talent Pool?
The Health Economics Talent Pool is a CV database of It is a CV database specialized in health economists. If you are a health economist, you can register your CV in the Talent Pool. Pharmaceutical- and consulting companies and recruitment agencies use the Health Economics CV Database to find health economist candidates for their roles.

What do you do with my CV?
We use your CV and other information you provide for recruitment purposes. We store it in the Health Economics CV database and share it with our client companies who are recruiting health economists, like you. Some client companies prefer to receive your CV right away after you have registered in the CV database, while other companies make separate requests for CVs of candidates who are suitable for their current health economist roles.

Who will access my CV?
Your CV is shared with personnel of our client companies. Who are typically human resources personnel and hiring managers of pharmaceutical- and consulting companies, and recruiters of life science recruitment agencies.

Will my current employer get my CV?
No, we do not share your CV with your current employer.

What happens when I upload my CV?
You receive an email confirming that we have received your CV. Next, we review your CV to ensure that you fulfil the requirements (see the requirement section) and add it in the Health Economics CV database. After that, your CV is shared with our client companies and is available for CV search requests from companies.

How will companies contact me?
Interested companies will contact you via email or call you. Some may also approach you through LinkedIn. We ask them to mention that they received your CV via the Health Economics CV Database.

Are companies going to contact me?
It depends on your qualifications and how good your CV is, and the roles that the client companies are currently recruiting for. Also, the need for working permits plays a role. In general, there are more candidates and competition for junior roles. On the other hand, for senior roles, there are not enough qualified candidates. If you are an experienced health economist, you are quite likely to be contacted.

How quickly will the companies react?
As in any recruitment process, sometimes your phone may ring right away, and at times you are approached a couple of months later when you have almost forgotten that you sent your CV. Therefore, if you are looking for a new job, it is important to keep your CV up-to-date in the database (see Updating my CV).

What kind of profiles companies are looking for?
Our clients, who are subscribed to the CV database, are typically interested in recruiting experienced health economists. For example, candidates who have health economics education and at least 2 – 3 years of work experience in the pharmaceutical industry. More experience you have the better. The companies are also looking for candidates for their junior health economist roles.


How do I register?
The registration to the Health Economics CV Database is quick and easy. Just fill in the above short registration form and upload your CV.

Do I need to create an account?
No, you do not need an account to register in the Health Economics Talent Pool. In general, we only collect information that is needed and useful for helping you to find a new job. Just fill in the short form above and send your CV.

What does it cost?
The Health Economics CV Database is free for the candidates. Companies pay for the use.

What file format should I use?
You can upload your CV as a Word or PDF document.

Which language should I use in my CVs?
The pharmacoeconomic market is very international. English is the most used language in the sector. Therefore, you will have more chances with a CV in English. A German, French or Spanish CV will do, if you are primarily interested in working in these countries.

What is the Health Economics Jobs Newsletter?
The Health Economics Jobs Newsletter is our free weekly newsletter, with a list of the current health economics job openings. It is a convenient way to stay up-to-date on the current health economic job opportunities, whether you are actively searching for a new role or just passively looking for opportunities. You’ll receive the newsletter every Thursday.


How do you use my information?
We use your information for recruitment purposes. We share your CV and other information you provide with our client companies who are recruiting health economists. In other words, we use your information to help you to find a new job and companies that are recruiting health economists to find you.

What information is stored?
The Health Economics CV Database includes the following information: your contact details, education, work experience, your preference for permanent and/or freelance work, LinkedIn profile, IP address, and other information you include on your CV and the submission form.

Is the CV database GDPR compliance?
Yes, the Health Economics Talent Pool is GDPR compliant.


What are the criteria for being included in the Health Economics Talent Pool?
You need to be a health economist. That means that you should have health economics related education and work experience (see below). If you do not have these, unfortunately, we will not include you in the CV database.

Which education should I have?
You should have health economics related education, like a master’s degree in health economics. If you are a pharmacist, public health specialist, epidemiologist or statistician, we may include you in the CV database, if your education included health economics modules or you have done additional health economics courses. If you are an economist (without health specialization), we may include you in the database if you have worked in the healthcare or pharmaceutical sector.

Which degree should I have?
In general, a master’s degree is a minimum entry requirement for both health economics analyst and manager roles. There are not many jobs opening for bachelor’s degrees. For health economics director-level roles, you should have a master degree with several years of experience or a PhD.

What is health economics related work experience?
With this we mean, work experience that is relevant to health economist roles in the pharmaceutical companies. For example, you have carried out costing and cost-effectiveness analyses, worked on health economic dossiers or HTA submissions, preferably in a pharmaceutical or consulting companies. Or alternatively, you have carried out health economic research projects in a university.

Why you do not include other professionals?
The Health Economics Talent Pool is specialized in health economics professionals. We want to maintain the focus and provide our clients with relevant CV database services.

How much work experience should I have?
To be included in the CV database, you should have at least 6 months of health economic-related work experience, which is a typical entry requirement for junior roles.

I’m a student should I register?
Yes, you can register. However, the possibilities for finding your first health economic job, without previous work experience, via the CV database are quite limited. Don’t get discouraged. All experienced health economists have started somewhere. Therefore, you should continue your efforts to find an internship or a thesis project in the pharmaceutical sector. After that, update your CV in the database. With the new work experience, you will have much better chances of finding a new junior role.

Am I allowed to work in the EU, the UK or Switzerland?
The majority of the companies recruiting health economists via the Health Economics Talent Pool are based in the EU, the UK or Switzerland. Please consult official websites on the work permits requirements for non-nationals in these countries.

Updating my CV

To get the most out of the Health Economics Talent Pool, you should update your CV regularly. Every 6 months is a good update frequency when you are available for new opportunities or if you are a freelancer. Companies using the CV database are especially interested in health economists who are currently open for new opportunities or available for freelancing. Updating your CV regularly keeps you as an active candidate in the Talent Pool.

How do I update my CV?
You can update your CV simply by re-submitting the above form. Please tick the “This is a CV update” checkbox. You should update your CV each time. Just resubmitting the same CV version again, does not give a good impression. Occasionally, you may receive an email from us requesting you to update your CV.

How do I update my contact details?
You should keep your contact details; email and phone number, up-to-date. Otherwise, you might miss opportunities. You can update your contact details and your CV simply by re-submitting the above form. Please tick the “This is a CV update” checkbox.

How do I remove my information?
You can remove your details from the CV database by sending a request to info (at)