Recruiting a Health Economist?

Are you a hiring manager or HR professional, recruiting a health economist? You are already advertising the job on your company’s career pages, and might have tried some general job boards and LinkedIn, but you’re not getting applications from the right candidates. The process is taking too long, and you might even be considering an expensive recruitment agency.

Would you like to reach and attract qualified candidates faster, while still managing the recruiting yourself?

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Share your roles automatically with job-seeking health economists

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Target the health economics talent with precision
Reach job-seeking health economists

Target Health Economists with Precision

The specialised job board for health economists – made by health economists

Connect with a highly sought-after pool of health economics professionals directly through Reach over 2,500 job-seeking health economists each month and expand your talent pool. Founded by Dr. Jari Kempers (health economist, PhD) to help his peers find all health economics job opportunities conveniently in one place, and for companies to reach and hire health economists directly, bypassing the need for expensive recruitment agencies.

Weekly Health Economics Jobs Newsletter with >2,200 subscribers

Your health economics job ads are featured in our weekly Health Economics Jobs Newsletter, which has over 2,200 health economist subscribers. What sets our newsletter apart? These health economists actively engage with our content. In fact, the Health Economics Jobs Newsletter boasts an impressive open rate of 41%, far exceeding the recruitment industry average of below 20%
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Drive Candidates to your Career Website

Get applications through your recruitment system

Health economists interested in your roles are redirected to your company’s career page to apply, thereby fully integrating with your existing recruitment system and eliminating the need for parallel recruitment processes or additional logins. Alternatively, applications can be sent directly to your designated email. This streamlined process brings you qualified health economist candidates, enabling you to select whom to interview and ultimately hire – all without the need for a recruitment agency.
Get applications from health economists through your own HR system
Get excellent value by targeting your job ads to health economists

Get Value for your Recruitment Budget

Utilize your budget optimally by targeting your job ads directly to health economists

Investing in job ads on our specialised platform is not only cost-effective but also a strategic way to boost your recruitment process for health economists, providing an exceptional return on your investment. Let’s consider a hypothetical example: you are looking to hire a health economist manager with an annual salary and bonus package totalling €100,000. Utilising a recruitment agency could result in fees upward of €25,000—that’s 25% of the annual salary. In contrast, securing the ideal health economist candidate through our job board would only cost you €249. This amounts to a mere 1.0% of a recruitment agency fee. By directly connecting with over 2,000 job-seeking health economists on, you can bypass the high fees of recruitment agencies and make significant savings.

Fixed fee – no surprises or waste

With our fixed fee structure for job ads, you know exactly what to expect. Importantly, your ads are displayed to the right target audience: health economists actively seeking new opportunities. This approach maximizes your return on investment. You avoid spending your budget advertising on unrelated visitors, and pay-per-click models, which may generate numerous views but yield only a few qualified applications.
Get an excellent return on investment on health economist job ads

Build your Employer Brand

Stay continuously visible to health economists

On our specialised job board, your roles and company maintain consistent visibility among health economists, including those passively exploring career advancements. Advertising here not only helps fill your current roles but also builds long-term brand awareness and establishes your organization as a preferred workplace for health economists. By staying top-of-mind, you increase the likelihood that when passive job seekers decide on their next career move, they’ll consider your company first, rather than seeking opportunities elsewhere.
Build brand awareness of your company as a preferred workplace for health economists

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Who is our job advertisement service for?

Recruitment service of managers of health economist teams
Hiring Managers
This service is ideal for managers of HEOR or market access teams who need to quickly and effectively fill health economist roles. By advertising directly to health economists seeking new opportunities, we help streamline your hiring process.
Health economist job advertisement service of HR professionals
HR Professionals
Our job ad service is tailored for HR professionals seeking to recruit top-notch health economists. It helps you fill current positions using your company’s recruitment system while enhancing your organization’s reputation as a desirable workplace for health economists.


“Just wanted to share our positive experience with We recently hired a fantastic candidate who found our job ad through your site. The process was smooth and effective. Highly recommend your service to others in the life sciences consulting field”.

James L.
Health Economics Manager

“Thanks, Jari, for your patience and guidance on how to improve our job ad, and I appreciate this. I’m pleased with the job advertisement service and the candidates we have received. We’ll certainly use the service next time”.

Laura P.
HR Specialist

“As a specialist HEOR recruiter, attracting and reaching the best talent in the market is vital. The job posting service of enables me to broadcast my vacancies quickly and easily and reach candidates who are outside of my network. This is a great site and a fantastic resource for growing my network”.

Gareth L.
Independent HEOR & Market Access Recruiter
100% money back guarantee for health economist job ad premium service

30-day Money-back Guarantee

We’re confident that job ads here will help you to reach and connect you with the right health economist candidates. Your success is our priority and therefore we offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Before they are hired by your competitors
FAQs about health economics job ads

Frequently Asked Questions

How many applications can I expect?

The quantity of applications is influenced by the job’s location and seniority level. For instance, a junior analyst role in London may receive more applications than a director position in Finland. Our service emphasizes reaching health economists with the right experience when they’re seeking new roles.

Can I track the number of applications received?

We direct candidates straight to your career page for application, so we don’t monitor the applications you receive. For insights on visits and applications originating from our job board, consult your company’s webmaster. Additionally, during interviews, you can inquire where candidates discovered the job.

Do you retain copies of received applications?

No, we don’t. Applications are solely yours. We prioritize candidate convenience, hence we don’t require them to register before applying. Although we have a Health Economics Talent Pool for CVs, it’s not connected to your applications.

We already use other job boards. Why should we consider yours?

While general job boards might have extensive visitor numbers, they often miss out on a niche audience like health economists. focuses on this niche, attracting over 2,000 job-seeking health economists monthly. Our weekly Health Economics Jobs Newsletter further amplifies our reach.

We handle health economist recruitment internally. Why should we use your platform?

While internal recruitment is valuable, our platform amplifies your reach. Even with robust in-house efforts, you might miss out on a significant segment of qualified health economists actively seeking new roles. By using, you can tap into a specialised network of health economists and guide them directly to your company’s career page. This not only enhances your visibility but also seamlessly integrates with and supports your existing recruitment process.

We currently engage a recruitment agency. Why should we consider your job board?

Our platform aims to empower you to recruit health economists independently and directly, potentially providing significant cost savings. While agencies have their place, our job advertisement service offers you a specialised, centralised platform for reaching health economist.

Your Alternatives

What other options do you have, and what are the costs?

Reach and hire health economists directly.

Your company’s career pages

Your company’s career website is obviously the best choice for you, and there are no additional costs. However, even if your company is a large international company, the chances are that your career pages are not reaching and attracting enough qualified health economists. Most of them don’t follow a single company. By advertising your jobs on, you reach and drive more health economist candidates to your career pages.

Internal referrals

You can ask your employees if they know health economists who could be suitable and interested in your HEOR role. Sometimes this does work, but the reach of internal referrals is often limited. Typically, pharmaceutical companies pay their employee an internal referral bonus of € 3,000 – € 5,000 per role.

General job boards

General job boards, like Indeed or Glassdoor, have impressive visitor numbers but tend to reach only a limited number of health economists. You might find candidates for your junior roles. For more experienced health economist roles, you might need to look elsewhere. You can spend a lot on pay-per-click advertising but still receive only a few qualified applications. To make these job ads worthwhile, you need to spend at least € 500 per job ad.

CV databases

General job boards offer you subscriptions to their massive CV databases. However, there are not many health economists in these databases. Also, many of those you find are outdated and not looking for a job anymore. Health economists are hired quickly, and they don’t update the CV databases. These CV databases cost you € 2,400 per recruiter per year.


LinkedIn is a great networking tool, but it is not a well-suited platform for health economist jobs. Yes, almost every health economist is on LinkedIn, but they don’t visit it for jobs. Moreover, the number of health economics jobs on LinkedIn is quite limited. If you advertise there, your job ads need to compete with all other “noise” on the platform. Similarly to the general job boards, you might not get many responses from experienced candidates. Also, your LinkedIn pay-per-click advertising costs will accumulate fast. You need to spend at least € 500 per job ad.

Recruitment agencies

First, you try to find and hire a health economist through your regular channels, but without success. Then you turn to a recruitment agency. This is where it gets expensive. Say you want to hire a health economist manager, whose annual salary + bonus are € 100,000. A recruitment agency may charge you a 30% recruitment fee. This means that you need to pay a recruitment fee of €30,000.

Post your job with the discount and start reaching health economists seeking new opportunities.

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