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Market Access Manager

Uxbridge, UK.

This role has activities that are both promotional and non-promotional. Where non-promotional activities are required, these will be carefully and fully briefed with appropriate separation from promotional activities in order to fully comply with the letter and spirit of the ABPI Code of Practice.

The RMAM reports directly to the Head of Market Access and is responsible for helping the NHS prepare for pipeline products and improving patient access to Almirall’s newly launched products and portfolio products within their region. Is expected to manage own territory by taking the lead on account prioritisation and development of a local strategy.

This role is pivotal for Almirall in helping prepare for new product launches and shaping the market environment to improve access to Almirall’s portfolio products. The role is also important in supporting the NHS enhance patient care.


  • Analysing issues, priorities and processes related to the local funding in the NHS and translating this information into promotional opportunities in line with the customers agenda.
  • Developing local business cases to gain access for patients with moderate to sever psoriasis to Almirall’s products.
  • Supporting launch of new products
  • Improving patient access through commercial opportunities and work with local stakeholders on guidelines and patient pathways that bring benefits to patients, the NHS and Almirall.
  • Work cross functionally (as part of the local account team) to identify critical success factors and shared objectives for patient access to Almirall’s products
  • Collaboration with the KAM Team to ensure robust effective account plans are in place that demonstrate prioritisation of all market access activities
  • Identify opportunities to work with the NHS to enhance patient through collaborative working.

Pre Launch Activities

  • Engaging with NHS Budget holders to present advance budgetary notification on prospective new products or existing product indications, within appropriate time periods.
  • Responding to enquiries from health professionals (including referrals from KAMs) relating to the budget impact of forthcoming new products or indications
  • Working with KAMs to drive all APC processes
  • Meeting with appropriate NHS personnel to discuss burden of disease in their region with the aim of demonstrating the benefit of positioning Almirall’s products appropriately to alleviate the burden
  • Identifying and engaging with key NHS stakeholders who influence treatment pathways within region (budget-holde4rs or people making policy decisions that affect budgets)
  • Organising and participating in pre-launch medical/market access advisory boards.

Other Non-Promotional Activities

Including but not limited to:

  • Collaborative working with NHS
  • Development of materials specific to Market Access

Promotional activities relating to promoted products

  • Proactively providing budget impact data to key CCG and Trust personnel to support products within licence and demonstrate cost advantage
  • Analysing issues,  priorities and processes related to the local funding in the NHS and translating into promotional opportunities in line with joint customer agendas
  • Accessing and influencing all relevant NHS customers in the region’s LHE in line with local account plan objectives
  • Identifying and building relationships with relevant NHS stakeholders top positively influence prescribing decisions

Knowledge development & sharing

  • Maintaining a high level of up to date knowledge to enable peer to peer level discussion with customers
  • Supporting KAMs by providing additional specialist NHS knowledge to assist in driving positive reinforcement of products
  • Delivering projects to accelerate development of high quality local services that will benefit patients, the NHS and improve access to Almirall products.

Internal working

  • Sharing up to date market information and feedback with the internal team
  • Developing effective account plans in conjunction with appropriate internal stakeholders
  • Ensuring that plans and activities are coordinated and consistent with National Market Access strategy
  • Working closely with medical, marketing and sales team to ensure account plan objectives are achieved and customer requests are handled appropriately
  • Attending Global Market Access meetings when appropriate.

Key Competencies

  • Initiative and self-reliance: An entrepeneurial  mind-set with an ability to find solutions to problems as they arise by using own inititiative and other internal resources. Ability to make decisions and operate safely and compliantly in the absence of all relevant information.
  • Flexibility: Ability to use different channels to engage with HCPs. Understand the value of each and which channel to use to meet the needs of the customer and Almirall.
  • Customer Affinity: Understands the needs and wants of the NHS and HCPs and looks to provide collaborative solutions that build long-term relationships. Ability to work with a complex web of stakeholders including clinicians and payers.
  • Internal Stakeholder Collaboration: Proactively works with colleagues where shared responsibility exists and where collaboration can influence the success of others.
  • Business acumen: Undertands Almirall’s commercial goals and the role of the KAM in achieving them. Differentiates between information and insight and puts the patient at the heart of decision making.
  • Planning and organisation: Understands and prioritises business goals while being familiar with the processes needs to achieve them. Can adapt quickly when an alternative course of action is needed.
  • Disease and product: Understands the environment in which Almirall competes.  Keeps up to date with clinical knowledge including different approaches to treatment such as teledermatology.
  • Compliance leadership: Maintains a strong understanding of UK/IE regulations (including ABPI/IPHA) and SOPS and delivers all activities within this context. Always does the right thing.

Knowledge, Qualifications & Skills

  • Educated to degree level or equivalent
  • A track record of performance achievement, operating in payer and clinician customer facing roles within the pharmaceutical or healthcare industry
  • Experience of successful account management and delivering a mutual agenda based on strong customer insight
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and mobilise key clinical advocates to influence local policy decisions and remove barriers in order to drive business
  • Evidence of developing and implementing successful complex business plans
  • Ability to use complex clinical and health economic data effectively in customer interactions
  • Evidence of an understanding of how national and local NHS drivers influence local healthcare priorities and dermatology
  • In depth understanding of dermatology and other important disease areas
  • Detailed understanding of the ABPI Code of Practice and other relevant regulations and their practical application in a business environment
  • A team player with strong networking, interpersonal and influencing skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Full driving licence

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