Why my company’s vacancy is not shown here?

If your company is using the Free Job Ad Service, the publication of your vacancies is delayed by 14 days. Would you like your HEOR roles to be published immediately and reach more job-seeking health economists, then the paid Premium Job Ad Service the best choice for you.

Also, the Free Service is limited to max 3 simultaneous job ads. If your company has reached the limit, posting of your new health economics roles is stopped until the previous ones expire in 30 days. With Premium Job Ad Service, you can post an unlimited number of health economics jobs, and these shown online for 90 days. Read more about the Premium Service here. 

Are recruiting for one health economics role?

You can advertise it as a Single Premium Job Ad. Your HEOR vacancy will be on top of the job board for one week. It will be the first job that job-seeking health economists see when they visit the website. Therefore, your role gets at least 3 times more views than the free job ads. After the first week, your vacancy stays online for 90 days. You can post your Single Premium Job Ad here. 

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