Beginners to Expert Excel and Excel VBA – 38 Hours Mega Course

Online Course. Learn Excel formulas, Pivot Tables, Excel VBA macros, charts and the basics with our Microsoft Excel 38+ Hours Mega Course tutorial.

What you’ll learn? Build pivot tables to analyse data. Write Excel VBA macros and speed up data analyses with Excel VBA. Quickly format cells, make tables and dynamic charts, and much more. Get started today.

What you’ll learn?

  • Use Excel on an expert level in your work.
  • Formulas in all aspects- write them, edit them, fix them and know which ones to use.
  • Pivot Tables and build them to analyse their data.
  • Excel VBA to write macros to increase productivity.
  • Excel VBA to speed up data analysis of their work.
  • Quickly format cells, make tables and dynamic charts.
  • Sort, find and replace data in Excel quickly.
  • Navigate a spreadsheet without losing the context of their data.
  • Apply these Excel skills to their CV/Resume.
  • Print spreadsheets properly with no cutoffs.
  • Excel’s security features to protect their spreadsheet reports.
  • Essential tips to help them with their Excel reports.
  • Conditional formatting to highlight entries e.g. top 10 performers.


  • A copy of Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2019 or Office 365 for Windows
  • A willingness to learn
  • A Windows-based PC
  • Basic competence of Excel e.g. being able to launch it, open, save and close a workbook


This comprehensive 38 hours+ Microsoft Excel and Excel VBA course includes content from our Mach 42 Productions Excel courses 1 through 11 and our IT careers course, to take you from beginner to expert level:

  • Excel Course 1- Step By Step Beginners Excel  

  • Excel Course 2- How To Use Excel comments  

  • Excel Course 3- Excel Charts And Tips To Make Better Charts  

  • Excel Course 4- How To Make Waterfall Charts  

  • Excel Course 5 – Advanced Excel Charts  

  • Excel Course 6- Automated Excel Charts And Tables  

  • Excel Course 7- Learn How To Use Excel Text Functions  

  • Excel Course 8- Advanced Excel tips  

  • Excel Course 9- Quick Excel Tips For Excel Reports  

  • Excel Course 10- Advanced Excel Skills And Career Tips  

  • Excel Course 11- Spreadsheet Protection  

  • 8 Ways to Further your IT Career

If you are enrolled on any of our above courses, please bear this in mind before considering this one.  

Our in-depth Excel syllabus takes you from beginner level to advanced level in Excel and will help build you a solid understanding of Excel and use it effectively in your work. Over 38 hours of Excel content is provided in this course including:   

  • How to use the basics of Excel e.g. create new worksheets, copy, cut and paste, the Excel ribbon and how to print documents properly  

  • How to sort, find and replace Excel data quickly  

  • How to understand, write, use, audit formulas and coverage of Excel text functions, maths operators and advanced functions including vlookup via worked examples/case studies. We provide hours of material on this to build your confidence levels (11 sections)   

  • Coverage of Excel charts from beginner level to advanced automated charts. We cover charts such as bar charts, line charts, waterfall charts and funnel charts. We also provide tips on how to make better charts.

  • A thorough grounding in Excel Pivot Tables- from scratch. This tool alone can save you a lot of time in your data work.   

  • Essential Excel tips to boost your work and help you make better Excel reports e.g. how to watermark Excel sheets  

  • How to protect your Excel spreadsheets using Excel’s security model.

  • Excel VBA- We teach from the ground up Excel’s powerful VBA programming language which can be used to automate tasks, clean up data (very fast) and overall increase your productivity. Our VBA learning culminates in building real life (and actually useful) programs/macros which you can use in your everyday work. Further, the skills taught will enable you to build your own macros. All the source code is provided in our examples in addition to testing your knowledge with assignments and tasks. We have over 7 hours of lecture videos covering Excel VBA.   

  • Excel career tips- Advice on how to write Excel examples for your CV/Resume

Full support is given on this Excel course by means of our course discussion forum, lecture quizzes and tasks/activities are provided right from the start of the course. All Excel workbooks used in the lectures are provided too.   

Remember by picking up essential Excel skills, you can significantly increase your productivity, save time and money and furthermore be confident that you can use one of the most popular office business tools today.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are at a basic beginners Excel level and want to become an expert in Excel
  • Those who want to learn Excel formulas, charts and the essentials of Excel
  • Students who want to progress to learning Excel VBA after mastering Excel
  • Analysts needing to reinforce their skills
  • New staff starting at a company and need to get familiar with Excel
  • Students starting an apprenticeship who need to learn Excel
  • Students studying at college/university who are required to use Excel in their coursework/assignments/internships
  • Those who use Excel in their work and want to make the most of it

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