Excel VBA Blueprint: Build 9 VBA Macros & Automate Excel

Are you a health economist without VBA skills? Start your journey towards Excel VBA mastery with this course. Create 9 practical VBA macros to automate your excel & learn how to code them.

What you’ll learn?

  • Understand how to make Excel work for them, rather than spending time on the same manual tasks.
  • Master Excel programming through practice – there are 9 distinct code sequences that they will write.
  • Build their first macro and run a macro using a button.
  • Create user-friendly auto-filters by writing code.
  • Manipulate Excel Comments with VBA.
  • Build interactive charts with drop-down menus for a more user-friendly Excel experience.
  • Automatically send emails via Excel and avoid the manual work of reporting.


  • Must Have: Microsoft Excel Installed On Your Computer
  • Nice To Have: The Latest Version Of Excel (2013 is Preferable)
  • Nice To Have: Several Screens To Facilitate Better Action Taking (i.e. Extra Desktop Monitor or 2 Devices)
  • A Positive Attitude, Willingness To Take Action And Improve Your VBA Skills


Are you tired of the same long, boring days creating dashboards, charts and Vlookups while barely having time to do anything else?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could automate all these tasks, spend less time in front of the computer and more time advancing your career,   scaling your business, or doubling your salary?

 Why Learn VBA?

Excel VBA can completely skyrocket your productivity – if you learn how to automate Excel processes you will achieve the same results in 50% of the time.

However, it is not something easy to learn – it will take you countless hours in front of the computer. The good news is that with the right approach you can shortcut that process and learn the fundamentals that will give you 80% of the skills with 20% of the effort.

If you learn how to program in Excel properly, you can:

  • Have one task always execute the same way with the push of 1 button

  • Perform that task at a much higher speed than if you were to do it manually

  • Ensure 100% accuracy

  • Enable people that don’t know much about the task to execute it the same way as yourself

  • Differentiate yourself at the workplace by enabling Excel to do operations that might seem impossible to others

  • Sit back and relax while letting your macros handle the complex tasks that take up computational power and a lot of time

The Excel VBA Blueprint 

That’s why we created the Excel VBA Blueprint. Rather than taking you through a long list of boring features, we teach you 9 specific VBA Macros that you can apply straight away.

Tired of time consuming deeply nested formulas? You’ll learn how to create your own tailor made Excel functions

Want to automate your reporting process? Learn how to automatically send emails directly from Excel

How about upgrading your charts? Learn the simple code to create charts that are customisable through a dropdown menu.

 All of this, and much more.

When building this course, our main focus was practicality.  That’s why:

  • You get class test scenarios and solutions at every Section end so that you can test your newly learned abilities

  • You get every spreadsheet at every step along the way – this way you can always check your code for accuracy

  • Each section is a scenario for a particular Macro – this is our version of learning by doing!

If you want to learn the VBA hacks that will skyrocket your productivity, then this course will take you there. Have a look at our free preview lectures, take this course now and join us on this exciting journey!

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody that is adept at Excel and wants to learn automation
  • People that want to Excel at the workplace and become an authority in this field
  • Individuals that love programming and automating tasks & work consistently in Excel

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