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Analyst/Medical Writer

Cambridge / London / Manchester, UK.

We are currently recruiting for start dates throughout 2021, including January, April, July and September. Please note that most of our new recruits will be based in our Global Headquarters in Cambridge, however we have a small number of places available at our London and Manchester offices.

Opportunities for Analysts and Medical Writers

Analysts and Medical Writers work on projects involving the detailed analysis of data from clinical trials and the assimilation and creative presentation of this analysis in different formats including posters, slide sets, value dossiers, reports and peer-reviewed publications. These deliverables are used directly by our clients in communication with external stakeholders instrumental to the successful uptake of novel therapies. The work is structured on a project-by-project basis and you will usually be working on several projects in different disease areas at any one time.

You will work in project teams alongside experienced colleagues, who provide one-to-one training in the technical aspects of the role, including project management and effective client communication. Delivering project work requires close collaboration with clients, and following a successful induction period you will increasingly participate in teleconferences and face-to-face meetings with external stakeholders.

Costello Medical is structured into divisional teams focusing on distinct medical communications and health economics services or serving a specific sector within the healthcare industry. All Analysts and Medical Writers can work cross-divisionally to develop a broad understanding of the company’s services and clients, but if you have an interest in joining a specialised division you will be encouraged to specify this in your application form.


If you submit a cross-divisional application, on joining the company you will be assigned to a “home” division based on your own interests and skills, ensuring that you become quickly integrated into part of a supportive team and feel fully immersed in all aspects of company life. You will have the opportunity to change the division to which you have been assigned after getting a flavour for the other teams in the company. As you will typically be working on projects with at least two divisions at one time, this role is a good fit if you are unsure about which team you are best suited to.

Market Access

By joining the Market Access division, you will work closely with a wide range of clients on projects to support rapid and maintained access to products in ever-changing marketplaces. Our work is multidisciplinary, often beginning with evidence generation in the form of literature reviews, advisory boards with clinicians and payers, or economic modelling, to inform the strategy behind a product. This may feed into the development of global materials such as global value dossiers (repositories of information that explain the value of a product to a range of stakeholders in a compelling manner, used by our clients and their local affiliates in the creation of further materials such as pricing and reimbursement submissions), FAQs, or slide decks. Our work also involves the creation of local materials, from reports to help our clients understand the marketplace that their products will be entering, through to leave-pieces to educate payers about the budget and resource implications of new, high-impact medicines coming to market. A role in the Market Access division will therefore suit fast-learners, with a strategic, problem solving mindset coupled with exceptional writing skills.


By joining the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) division you will work on the successful delivery of projects to demonstrate the clinical and health economic value of some of the newest and most innovative therapies in development. In countries where HTA represents the final hurdle before a new therapy can achieve patient access, your work will have a direct impact on the successful reimbursement of these therapies. You will work closely with your clients to develop the HTA strategy for each project from the outset and will use your excellent written communication skills and scientific understanding to create clear, evidence-based, and strategic narratives to help demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of new therapies to the healthcare system. To date, the HTA team at Costello Medical have worked on over 100 submissions to national reimbursement agencies, including the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in the UK, the European HTA agency EUnetHTA and Singapore’s Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE). No prior experience or knowledge of economics is required (though there is considerable opportunity to develop knowledge of health economics in the role), but good numerical skills, the ability to critically appraise clinical evidence and strategic thinking are key to the role.

Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs provides the scientific bridge between clinical development and commercial functions in pharmaceutical and device companies. Most activities have a strong patient and/or healthcare professional (HCP) focus, and act to educate and inform clinical decision making and patient care, or to gather insights that inform a product’s clinical development. As a member of the Medical Affairs team, you will work closely with our clients to present the ‘science behind the product’ through a wide range of projects including medical education events, advisory boards and medical information materials. You will collaborate with and support expert advisors and event speakers, and the requirement for on-site support at certain events provides opportunities for international travel. You will develop a complementary set of strong scientific, creative and writing skills, as well as the opportunity to become extremely knowledgeable about the therapy areas in which you work. The ability to creatively present scientific information to a wide range of audiences would be valuable in this role.

Evidence Development

Evidence development projects involve the identification of clinical, economic and real-world evidence to support the value of a pharmaceutical product or medical device. Our work includes rigorous systematic literature reviews that can be used to inform meta-analyses and network meta-analyses, as well as more creative and pragmatic evidence reviews to inform clients’ strategic decisions with regard to clinical development or market access. You will gain a thorough understanding of how to conduct various kinds of evidence review from searching to interpretation of results, ensuring that the reviews conform to industry guidelines where applicable. You will also be involved in writing up the methods and results of the reviews into engaging reports and slide sets. Furthermore, as original research in their own right, we publish many of our reviews as conference presentations or journal publications. This role suits those who are passionate about the concept of evidence-based medicine, have excellent attention-to-detail and organisational skills, and a talent for communication.


As a member of the Publications team you will work closely with clients and world-renowned opinion leaders to produce publications that communicate key scientific and clinical data to a wide audience. This includes the development of abstracts and manuscripts, as well as posters and oral presentations for large international congresses, with the opportunity to provide on-site support at such events. In addition, you may have the chance to work on regulatory documents, lay summaries and policy-related publications. You will receive one-to-one training on the technical aspects of the role, including good publication practice and strategic publication planning. This role is for those looking to apply their scientific writing and creative skills to deliver high-impact publication projects to a wide range of clients.

Rare Diseases

To date, over seven thousand rare diseases have been identified but only four hundred have an approved treatment; our specialised Rare Diseases team supports this sector in overcoming the unique challenges they face, such as an urgent need to bring treatments to patients, little clinical or health economic evidence and limited understanding of the condition across the clinical community and society as a whole. By joining this team, you will develop the appropriate skills and deliver projects that require a broad range of technical expertise and knowledge across all of our service offerings, including literature reviews, the development of global economic models and publications, and the organisation of medical education events. As one of our most recently established divisions, this is an exciting time to join our Rare Diseases team and to apply your exceptional written and technical skills to the rare diseases field, leading to a measurable impact on access to novel, often life-extending, treatments for rare disease patients.


Manufacturers of medical devices face different challenges to pharmaceutical companies, and therefore we have a dedicated team that supports this distinct sector of the healthcare industry. Our team helps medical device manufacturers in bringing new technologies to market, and communicating the value of their brand. By joining this team, you will gain an understanding of the delivery of all our service offerings, with a focus on conducting literature reviews, compiling evidence summaries, creating key value messages and developing evidence-based customer-facing materials (such as brochures, apps and health economic tools). You will work in a growing team and develop strong relationships with clients, being able to support them through all aspects of their work. You will also help refine newer services for the team and attract new clients. A strong interest in medical devices is essential for the role, along with a flexible nature to accommodate the various needs of clients, and the ability to compellingly communicate the value of a product to a wide range of audiences.

What is the Difference Between an Analyst and a Medical Writer?

Analysts and Medical Writers have the same level of responsibility. Medical Writers are largely based in the Publications division, where they focus on the development of published manuscripts, abstracts and posters, and Analysts are largely based in our other divisions, where they specialise in document types and formats uch as educational materials, slide sets, value dossiers, reimbursement submissions and literature review reports. The core and uniting element of our work is medical data communication and there is overlap between the roles, which is why cross-divisional working is so encouraged.

What Background Should You Have?

We are looking for individuals who are collaborative, self-motivaed and enthusiastic with a genuine interin healthcare and an eagerness to learn about new areas of science.

Essential requirements for the role are:

  • A degree level or higher qualification in a scientific discipline (minimum 2.1). We welcome applications from candidates with a diverse range of specialisms, including but not limited to; biology, chemistry, pharmacy and medicine
  • Fluency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Excellent written English
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Organisational skills and the ability to work across multiple projects at the same time
  • Aptitude for and experience of planning and writing scientific documents which could include lab reports, dissertations, poster or oral presentations and articles for websites or student magazines, poster or oral presentations, peer-reviewed scientific publications, book chapters, grant applications, regulatory documents

What We Offer

The starting salary for the role is £30,000. Please click here to learn about our reward package and the other benefits of working for Costello Medical.

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