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Specialist, Health Finance

Geneva, Switzerland.

The Specialist, Health Finance plays a key role in providing high-quality technical support to Global Fund country teams and countries, as a key technical specialist and stakeholder of the Country Support Team of the Health Finance Department. Working under the supervision of the Manager, Health Finance, and closely with other Specialists, Health Finance (where relevant) and with other stakeholders in the Health Finance Department, the Specialist, Health Finance coordinates and provides technical support and advice to specific Global Fund country teams, and other Secretariat departments / teams in order to strengthen the financial sustainability and value for money of Global Fund supported programs. The Specialist, Health Finance plays a key role in the implementation of the health financing, Value for Money (VfM), and Sustainability, Transition, and Co-Financing (STC) aspects of the 2023-2028 Global Fund strategy (including advising country teams to strategically design and negotiate domestic financing commitments), and serves as a focal point within the Health Finance Department for specific Grant Management teams to maintain strong cross-departmental coordination.

Key Responsibilities

  • Serves as Health Finance focal point for a specific portfolio of priority countries, including maintaining strong coordination with other Health Finance stakeholders, linking regional / country teams to resources available within the Health Finance Department, and strengthening linkages with other teams working on comparable thematic areas (i.e., CRG, RSSH, TAP, Finance, etc.)
  • As one of the primary technical stakeholders within the Health Finance Department for a specific portfolio of countries, helps to define and implement regional and country programmatic priorities for technical support in close collaboration with Country Teams, other stakeholders in the Grant Management Division and other technical specialists 
  • Provides high-quality technical support and advice to regional and country teams, including on specific Health Finance, financial sustainability and value for money technical areas relevant for the individual region (i.e., Health economics, sustainability & transition, costing / efficiency analysis – HTA, PBF incl. PfR, RBF, DLIs, RBF, COD, social contracting, health taxes, intervention verification, insurance schemes incl. risk pooling & user fees, debt swaps, resource tracking, fiscal decentralization, etc). In doing so, the Specialist, Health Finance, collaborates closely with other teams in the Health Finance Department, including Strategic Advice and PMO, Strategic Partnerships, Blended Finance, and Advocacy and with specific focal points from other SIID technical teams to provide high quality and streamlined support for Global Fund country teams and countries
  • Provides technical advice for the design of Global Fund grants and co-financing commitments in priority countries, including supporting country dialogue, review of Funding Requests, grant-making, grant-approval processes and other aspects of Global Fund grants linked to Health Finance, financial sustainability, and Value for Money
  • Compiles and analyses relevant strategic data and information for CTs and managers including, but not limited to, on macro-fiscal and health financing developments, domestic HTM/RSSH/health investments, value for money, and key financial sustainability and efficiency risks
  • Contributes to and supports internal reviews of health financing aspects of country portfolios, including supporting TRP reviews, PPCs, pre-GACs, country audits, thematic audits, TERG reviews, etc.
  • Strengthens cross-departmental technical support by serving, when requested, as a focal point for technical area identified as a priority by the Health Finance Department (to be determined based on specific competencies)
  • Supports the mitigation of Health Finance related risks for specific regional portfolio by working closely with Risk Specialist in the Health Finance Department, Grant Management, and other stakeholders
  • As relevant, supports capacity building of Grant Management Staff and/or other stakeholders
  • Contributes to, as needed, external engagements related to Health Finance, STC, or other related thematic areas (relevant to the specific regional portfolio). Where relevant, represents the Global Fund in these engagements
  • Supports the effective implementation of relevant Strategic Initiatives (including the STE-SI and IF SI) and partner-financed technical assistance for the specific regional portfolio, including review / development / oversight of TORs and deliverables for relevant technical assistance assignments, ensuring technical assistance is in line and supportive of specific regional or country level strategic approach
  • Supports the effective identification and implementation of joint financing opportunities (including blending) with global, regional or domestic partners (as relevant) for the specific portfolio, including providing technical support to leverage concessional finance to advance HIV, TB, and Malaria priorities
  • Supports the effective implementation of advocacy priorities (as relevant) for the specific regional portfolio, to strengthen domestic financing of health and the three diseases in strong collaboration with the Strategic Partnerships and Advocacy teams of the Health Finance Department
  • Supports development of sustainability plans and other Health Finance, VfM, or financial sustainability-related initiatives relevant to the regional portfolio, as applicable / relevant
  • Supports other regional priorities as jointly identified the Manager, Health Finance

Subject to change by the Executive Director at any time at their sole discretion.



  • Advanced University Degree in economics, public health, management, development studies, or a relevant field


  • Specialization in public health, health economics, economics, and / or other related field



  • Strong experience in or related to health financing, expenditure tracking, public financing, sustainability and transition, development finance, health financing reforms or related technical fields
  • Demonstrated experience supporting implementation of development financing in the global health and/or the development fields
  • Demonstrated experience providing high-quality technical support to stakeholders supporting the implementation of development or development finance initiatives, preferably within the Global Health space
  • Proven ability to work with high level diverse stakeholders, adapt leadership style & maintain strong coordination / collaboration with internal and external stakeholders in a complex, fast paced environment
  • In country experience in the global health or development finance space
  • Specific experience and expertise in two or more of the following: health economics; sustainability & transition; costing / efficiency analysis – HTA; Performance Based Financing (PBF) incl. Payment for Results, Results Based Financing, Disbursement Linked Indicators, Cash on Delivery); health taxes; intervention verification; insurance schemes incl. risk pooling & user fees; debt swaps; resource tracking; fiscal decentralization, etc.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Other comparable professional experience


  • 4-6 years’ of demonstrated experience in or related to health financing, expenditure tracking, public financing, development of health, financial sustainability, health financing reforms or other related fields.
  • Experience with the management or support of implementation for Global Fund grants (or comparable development initiatives)



An excellent knowledge of English and a good working knowledge of French, Spanish and/or Russian depending on region.

Organizational Competencies:

  • Global Fund awareness and mind-set (Level 2)
  • Service orientation (Level 2)
  • Drive for results (Level 2)
  • Collaboration (Level 2)
  • Interaction (Level 2)
  • Adaptability (Level 2)

Functional Competencies:

  • Analytical – Mastery Level
  • Business – Mastery Level
  • Country Context – Mastery Level
  • Global Public Health – Mastery Level
  • Strengthening Systems for Health – Mastery Level

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Job Posting End Date: 30 May 2023

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