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PhD Scholarship Opportunity in Health Economics

Cork, Ireland.

Examining the Economic and Social Value of Community Organisations to Inform Sustainable Funding Models: An Empirical Case Study of the Crann Centre.

CUBS Bank of Ireland PhD Scholarship Opportunity in Health Economics.

The Department of Economics and the Department of Accounting and Finance, Cork University Business School (CUBS), University College Cork, invite motivated and talented graduates with outstanding academic records to apply for the CUBS Bank of Ireland PhD Scholarship for a project titled “Examining the Economic and Social Value of Community Organisations to Inform Sustainable Funding Models: An Empirical Case Study of the Crann Centre”. The supervisory team consists of Dr Aileen Murphy (Senior Lecturer in Dept of Economics), Dr Peter Cleary (Senior Lecturer in Dept of Accounting & Finance), Dr Ann Kirby (Lecturer in Dept of Economics) and Dr Mari O’Connor (Lecturer in Dept of Economics) who will work in collaboration with representatives from the Crann Centre.

Project Outline

This PhD research will develop a framework for conducting health economic evaluations and social value analysis of community organisations in tandem with examining the corresponding value and impact for individuals, the health/social care service and society, using Crann as an empirical case study.

Progressive community organisations, like Crann, rely on leaders for realizing their vision, thereby attempting to ensure their viability and sustainability. However, to do so, often requires research to be conducted on their impact on society.

The framework developed as part of this research will facililate examination of the cost effectiveness of community-based health and social care services in a real-world setting (non-trial environment) alongside a social return on investment analysis. Thus, it assesses the impact from an individual service user, health and social care service providers/payers and societal perspectives. Implementing this framework will deliver both economic and social value analyses which will enable service providers such as Crann to not only demonstrate their financial prudence in cost control, but also illustrate by how much their investments positively impacts on both their stakeholders and the communities that they serve.

Crann is an Irish charity creating personalised solutions for children, adults and families living with neuro-physical disabilities. At their purpose built and fully accessible facility, they work with all age groups from new-borns to adults and their families. People with disabilities (along with their families) are at the centre of a model of care (based on the Aspen Institute 2 Generation Model) and they offer a suite of services and programmes that support them to achieve better physical and mental health outcomes along with increased participation in education, work and leisure. Disability impacts the whole family, so offering a two-generation approach with family orientated programmes creates opportunities for the family to thrive. Crann collaborates with peer organisations offering complementary services to existing provisions.

Applicants should email in the first instance with:

  1. An academic CV including evidence of any publications, awards, skills or presentations at conferences, and contact details of two referees.
  2. A completed PhD Scholarship application form.
  3. A letter of interest.

Closing Date: Friday 3rd June 2022

Interviews will take place in late June. The expected start date will be September 2022.

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