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Create a CV that Gets you Hired

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Regardless of your skills and qualifications, a well-written CV goes a long way towards getting you an interview, — and the job. Recruiters see dozens of CVs per day and have to make split-second decisions. Even if your grammar and spelling are spot-on, you might not present your skills and experience in the best way to get you further in the hiring process.

If you want to make sure you land that interview, you need to look at every aspect of your CV to ensure you’re not missing out on anything that could make or break that recruiter’s decision. Go through your resume with a professional CV writer and ensure that your CV stands out.

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Online CV review for health economist who want their CV to stand out

Experts at the James Innes Group specialise in writing and fine-tuning CVs, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Adopting a tailored approach, they consider your needs and career goals, as well as the requirements of the employer you want to impress. Their extensive CV writing experience helps you to get the interview and the job you want.

The James Innes Group offers a free CV review service to get you started. In this 15-minute call with one of their professional CV writers, you will receive detailed feedback on your CV and tips on where and how you can make improvements. After the call, you can either adjust your CV by yourself, or you can hire a professional CV writer to revise the CV for you.

To take advantage of the free CV review service, all you need to do is upload your CV and book a call with a professional CV writer.

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