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Share your Health Economics vacancies automatically with job-seeking health economists and get applications on your careers webpage. It is all free and there are no hidden commitments. However, the Free Service has the following limitations.

Limitations of the Free Service

Publishing your Free Job Ads is delayed by 14 days. Moreover, you can advertise max 3 HEOR roles simultaneously. Your free job ads are shown below the paid Premium Ads on both, the job board and newsletter. Typically, your free job ads get 3 times fewer views than Premium Ads. The duration of your free job ad is limited to 30 days, instead of 90 days for the Premium Ads. Re-advertisement, lifting your role back on the top, is not allowed.

Faster service and more CVs with Premium Ads

Would you like to publish your HEOR roles immediately, get better visibility and more applications? If so, try the Premium Job Advertisement Service.

Who is the Free Service for?

The automatic Free Service is for companies which recruit at least 3 health economists per year. If you have fewer health economist roles, the best value for you is to advertise these roles as Single Premium Job Ads. The Free Job Posting Services is not for recruitment agencies, who are welcome to use the paid services.

Free Service

Limited job posting service


Get applications on your website

Automatic job postings

Job ads delayed by 14 days

Max 3 health economics jobs

Limited visibility

Shown below Premium Job Ads

3 x fewer views than Premium Job Ads

Shown lower on the newsletter

30 days online

No re-advertising

Start your Free Service today

Find the Right Health Economist


Find the Right Health Economist

Growing, specialized job board for Health Economists

On, your health economics roles reach over 2,000 job-seeking health economists each month. The specialized job board is made for health economists – by health economists. It was founded by Jari Kempers (health economist, PhD), to help his peers to find all health economics job opportunities in one place, and for companies to reach and hire them directly without recruitment agencies.

Weekly Health Economics Jobs Newsletter with >1,000 subscribers

Your health economics vacancies are shared on our weekly Health Economics Jobs Newsletter. The newsletter has now over 1,000 subscribers and these health economists actually do read these emails. The open rate of the weekly Jobs Newsletter is an impressive 44%, while the recruitment industry average is below 20%.

Use and support your own recruitment system

Health economists who are interested in your roles are sent directly to your company’s career page, where they can apply for the job. You get applications. You choose who to interview and hire. In this way, you use your recruitment system and support your recruitment efforts. No recruitment agencies needed. 

How do I upgrade from Free Service to Premium Service?

Upgrading to Premium Job Advertisement Service is quick and easy. Just fill in the details and choose your payment plan on this form. We’ll take care of the rest.

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