Free Limited Job Advertisement Service

Share your Health Economics vacancies automatically with job-seeking health economists and get applications on your careers webpage. It is all free and there are no hidden commitments. However, the Free Service has the following limitations.

Limitations of the Free Service

Limited job posting service⠀Publishing your jobs is delayed by 14 days.
Limited job posting service⠀You can advertise max 3 HEOR jobs simultaneously.
Limited job posting service⠀Your Free Job Ads are displayed below the paid Premium Ads.
Limited job posting service⠀Typically, Free Job Ads get 3 times fewer views than the Premium Ads.
Limited job posting service⠀Your roles are online for 30 days, instead of 90 days for the paid ads.

Advertise health economics jobs for free

Get faster service and more applications with Premium Ads

Would you like to advertise your roles immediately, get better visibility and more applications? If so, try the Premium Job Advertisement Service. The automatic Free Service is for companies which recruit at least 3 health economists per year. If you have fewer health economist roles, the best value for you is to advertise these roles as Single Premium Job Ads. The Free Job Posting Services is not for recruitment agencies, who are welcome to use the paid services.

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