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Are you recruiting health economists, but you are not receiving enough applications from experienced health economists? At the same time, recruitment agencies are calling you every day, and they all seem to have a long list of qualified health economists who are all keen to work for your company.

Why your recruitment efforts are not attracting the quality health economists candidates you want? It is likely, that experienced health economists are just not following your company’s job pages, even if it is a well-known international company. Most of the experienced health economists already have comfortable and well-paying jobs, and they are not actively searching for a new one. However, many of them, some say 30%, are passively waiting for a new health economics career opportunities to appear. This is why the recruitment agencies thrive.

You can also reach the passive job-seeking health economists. They tend to follow specialized jobs sites, like, and their social media and newsletters. Also, their peers are following the same sources and spread the word about interesting health economics job opportunities.

Our job board is specialized in health economics jobs in the pharmaceutical sector in Europe. The job board has a particular visitor group; health economists who are, actively and passively, looking for a new job in the pharmaceutical industry. You can advertise your health economics job here too. Your company’s first job advertisement is FREE. Your job advertisement will be shown in the health economist job board and shared in our weekly health economics jobs newsletter and social media. In this way, you will reach more experienced health economists, receive more quality applications and find the right health economist for the job.

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Do you need a freelance health economist for a project or interim role, but you don’t know where to find them? Would you like the work to start quickly, but finding a freelance health economist who is actually available is difficult? Are you already busy enough and don’t have the time to start searching.

You can hire a freelance health economist through We work with a group of freelance health economists. Get in touch with us. Tell us what kind of expertise and qualifications you would need and when the work should start. We’ll find and propose a freelance health economist for you. Obviously, we’ll sign the required confidentially agreements first.

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Hire a freelance health economist
Hire a freelance health economist

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Why should you advertise here? You’ll reach health economics and market access stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry. Our website has a very specific target audience: health economists and market access professionals working in the pharmaceutical sector in Europe. If pharma health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and market access stakeholders are your niche market and target audience, you are in the right place. Read more about the advertisement options here.