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Does this sound familiar to you? Your health economics team is understaffed or there is just too much work. You need urgently more experienced people, but maybe you don’t have head count for it. Your team struggles to deliver projects on time. The quality of work suffers. You need to get involved. You and your team are getting overworked.

You can make your work easier. Strengthen your team with an experienced freelance health economist. Deliver promised projects on time. Reduce your and your team’s workload. Be smart and flexible.

We help you to find health economics contractor for your team.

Hire a freelance health economist

Hire freelancer health economists for short-term projects or maternity leave coverage.

Short-term project

Do you have a project that should be done, but your team does not have the time?

Maternity leave

Is someone from your team leaving for maternity / paternity leave?

Recruitment gap

Did someone leave? Are you recruiting for a permanent role, but it takes time?

Work overflow

Is there a temporary peak in the workload, and you need extra help to deal with it?

Hire a freelancer to keep your projects moving

For health economists – by health economists

Experienced health economist contractors for interim projects or temporary work overflow.

We understand how challenging and stressful managing an understaffed health economics team can be. That is why we help managers and directors, like you, to find and hire freelance health economists. As health economists, we actually understand what health economists in your team do. Therefore, we can help you select a freelance health economist with the right experience and technical skills for your project.

How does it work?

How to hire a freelance health economist?

1. Schedule a call

To discuss what do you need and explore how we can help you.

2. Agreement

You assign us to find a freelancer for you. There are no costs here.

3. Get introductions

Qualified and available freelance health economists are introduced to you.

4. Interview and select

You do interviews and select a freelancer. The health economist starts to work.

Flexible health economist contractor service for managers of health economics teams. Get started.

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