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Management Consulting / Price & Market Access

Tokyo, Japan.

Business content:

• Utilizing IQVIA’s knowledge and assets in Japan and overseas, you will be in charge of planning, BD, and delivery of projects that lead transformation based on drug prices and market access, depending on your experience. Depending on your experience, we will consult with you regarding drug price / price strategy, access strategy, authority negotiation support, medical policy forecasting / proposal, economic analysis, planning / deployment of specialized solutions, etc.)

• As a member of the leadership team, MC -Participate in Japan organizational management / organizational development

• Be familiar with MC’s CoE (Center of Excellence: Strategy & Portfolio Analysis, Pricing & Market Access, Brand & Commercial Strategy, etc.)

Application requirements

• Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, life sciences, public health, medical policy (master’s or doctoral degree is welcome!)
• 5 years or more of experience at a consulting firm Those who have experience as a manager or manager, or
have a certain period of experience in planning, application, and negotiation work in the market access department, public affairs, medical policy department, etc. at pharmaceutical companies (eg, medical equipment) . square
• drug pricing, access, health policy, lead the discussion to the subject of the economy, facilitation can be better
• health care industry of Nari your own, people with a vision and career vision in the industry, pro-active in Ya business opportunities Those who can take advantage of growth opportunities

・ Business-level English skills
are not required, but desirable requirements:
• 10 or more people with experience in People Management
• Discussions with CXO level and division level, and market access environment mainly in Europe and the United States Those who have knowledge, lead discussions, and can facilitate facilitation

Department function

Management Consulting is the strategic consulting division of IQVIA Solutions. Retaining about 500 people full-time consultant specializing in health care around the world, and you fractionated other consulting firm and clear distinction in breadth and specialty of the height of the network on a global level in the health care field. Based on the vision of “impacting the future of global health,” we will support client companies, mainly domestic and overseas pharmaceutical / medical device manufacturers, to solve problems and make proposals for better health care in the world . Management issues to cover health care-related companies of the corporate strategy, business portfolio strategy, product strategy, drug prices and redemption strategy, blanking land strategy, marketing analytics, M & A / LA strategy, overseas / Japan entry support, spans organizational strategy and variety . This only range and depth strategy handhold of the consultants to be kicked is also rare in the industry, it is possible to acquire a competitive edge which was rooted in the high level of expertise. In 2020, IQVIA reorganized its consulting function and is now one of the largest consulting functions for 100 people in the industry, aiming for further innovation.

<Project example>
・ Medium-term strategy for strengthening company-wide competitiveness / Roadmap formulation ・ Pharmaceutical marketing strategy / Action planning ・ Evidence strategy planning ・ Technology Start-up technology / Corporate evaluation
・ Overseas strategy planning for domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers ・Estimated drug price evaluation of drugs under development and support for determining development direction ・ Marketing model / multi-channel analysis utilizing statistical model, etc.


Management Consultingは、IQVIA Solutions社の戦略コンサルティング部門です。世界中にヘルスケアに特化した約500名のフルタイム・コンサルタントを擁
・全社競争力強化に向けた中⾧期戦略/ロードマップ策定・医薬品のマーケティング戦略/アクション立案・エビデンス戦略立案・テクノロジーStart upの技術/ 企業評価


• 国内外に有するIQVIAのナレッジ、アセットを活用し、薬価とマーケットアクセスを基点とする変革をリードするプロジェクトの企画、BD、デリバリーをご経験に応じご担当いただき
• ご経験に応じ、リーダーシップチームの一員として、MC-Japan組織運営/組織開発にも参画します
• MCのCoE (Center of Excellence: Strategy & Portfolio Analysis, Pricing & Market Access, Brand & Commercial Strategy等)に精通して頂きます


• 薬学、生命科学、公衆衛生、医療政策に関連した学位をお持ちの方(修士や博士課程を修了している方歓迎します!)
• コンサルティングファームにて5年程度以上の経験かつマネジャーないしマネジャー相当の経験がある方、あるいは製薬企業等(例、医療機器)でのマーケットアクセス部門、
• 薬価、アクセス、医療政策、経済性を主題とする議論をリード、ファシリテーションできる方
• ご自身なりのヘルスケア業界、産業におけるビジョンやキャリアビジョンをお持ちの方、プロアクティブにビジネス��会や成⾧機会をつかみにいける方

• 10名以上のPeople Managementの経験がある方
• CXOレベル、事業部⾧レベルとの討議や、欧米を中心とするマーケットアクセス環境の知見を有し討議をリード、ファシリテーションができる方

At IQVIA, we believe in pushing the boundaries of human science and data science to make the biggest impact possible – to help our customers create a healthier world. The advanced analytics, technology solutions and contract research services we provide to the life sciences industry are made possible by our 67,000+ employees around the world who apply their insight, curiosity and intellectual courage every step of the way.

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