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Evidence Generation & Outcomes Research – HEOR

Tokyo, Japan.

Please note that this job requires native level Japanese language command not only in speaking, but also in business writing and reading.

[Introduction of recruitment department]

MRE (Medical Research Excellence) EO (Evidence Generation & Outcomes Research) (Gastrointestinal Diseases, Neuroscience and Rare Diseases) develops appropriate research activities in line with the clinical challenges faced by patients after the drug is launched. It is a department that contributes to medical care by doing so.

Members with diverse backgrounds create evidence through discussions with internal and external stakeholders to resolve clinical issues faced by patients.

【Job Content】

[Creating evidence after marketing]

Use drug epidemiology and biostatistics techniques to generate evidence for drugs and disease areas. Became a project lead, planning clinical trials and database studies of non-intervention observational studies, cost-effectiveness studies based on the medical economy, and post-marketing DB surveys, and statistically verifying epidemiological data, efficacy, and safety. Make a paper.

  • Clinical research methods, GCP, GPSP, observational studies under ethical guidelines (using SAS, R, SQL, etc.)
  • Research on health economics and cost effectiveness (using TreeAge, etc.)

[Application requirements]

<Educational background>
Bachelor’s degree or above (It is desirable to have a master’s degree or above in the field of life science)

<Practical experience>


  • 3 years of work experience in the field of life sciences
  • Work experience in clinical trials / research at a pharmaceutical company, CRO or academia


  • Experience in using and analyzing real-world databases (data scientist work)
  • Experience in clinical development work under GCP at a pharmaceutical company or CRO (biostatistics of clinical trials, etc.)
  • Experience in post-marketing DB survey planning under GPSP

<Skills / Qualifications>


  • Knowledge of statistical analysis software (SAS or R) or cost-effectiveness software (TreeAge) 
  • Observing the stipulated principles of budgeting and execution of observational studies under GCP, clinical research law, and ethical guidelines
  • Business level English


  • Familiar with relevant laws and industry rules for research involving pharmaceutical companies
  • Knowledge / skills related to the creation of research-related documents such as research plans and analysis plans (including vendor management)


The person you want

  • Those who are full of Challenge spirit
  • Those who have not only an inquisitive mind for research but also interpersonal understanding and coordination (because research requires a high degree of cooperation with many people inside and outside the company).
  • Those who have a clear understanding of the role required of themselves as a professional and have the flexibility and responsiveness to complete with pride.

Work worthwhile

  • Through various prospective / retrospective studies / cross-sectional studies such as clinical trials, Real World Evidence, patient reporting outcomes, health economics (HTA) and questionnaire surveys using the Web, etc., you can experience the cutting edge of post-launch drug research. increase
  • Through research, we can contribute to what patients need “now”.

Skills and experience acquired in this job

  • You can learn and experience the latest knowledge of various researches on drugs after launch.
  • You can publish as the author of the research you were involved in


  • If you want to realize your clinical question, please apply.


Various allowances: Commuting transportation expenses, rented house subsidies, overtime allowances, etc.

Salary increase: Once a year in principle 

Bonus: Twice a year in principle

Working hours: Headquarters (Chuo-ku, Osaka, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) 9: 00-17: 30 , Factory (Hikari, Yamaguchi, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka) 8: 00-16: 45 , Research Institute (Fujisawa, Kanagawa ) ) 9: 00-17: 45

Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, May Day, year-end and New Year holidays, etc. (about 123 days a year)

Work style related system: Flextime system, telework work system introduced (target employees)

Leave: Annual paid leave, special paid leave, refreshment leave, prenatal and postnatal leave, childcare leave, child nursing leave, nursing leave

At Takeda, we have always focused on patients and aimed to deliver a healthier and brighter future to people all over the world. We are also working to provide each employee with opportunities for growth according to their abilities and enthusiasm. Would you like to contribute to the lives of people around the world with us and aim for further growth and success?

Takeda is the number one pharmaceutical company in Japan and a global leader in the industry. Employees are united under four priorities (patient-centric, building trust with society, improving reputation, business development) and Takedaism (honesty = fairness, honesty, indomitability). Takedaism is our belief and compass that guides us in the right direction. We embody Takedaism in our daily work.




MRE(Medical Research Excellence)のEO(Evidence Generation & Outcomes Research)(消化器系疾患、ニューロサイエンス及び希少疾患領域)は、薬剤上市後に患者さんが直面する臨床課題に即し、適切な研究活動を展開することで医療貢献する部署です。





  • 臨床研究法、GCP、GPSP、倫理指針下での観察研究(SAS,R,SQLなど使用)
  • 医療経済・費用対効果に関する研究(TreeAgeなど使用)





  • 生命科学領域での3年の実務経験
  • 製薬企業、CRO又はアカデミアでの臨床試験/臨床研究に関わる勤務経験


  • リアルワールドデータベースの利用及び解析経験(データサイエンティスト業務)
  • 製薬会社もしくはCROでのGCP下での臨床開発業務の経験(治験の生物統計等)
  • GPSP下での製造販売後DB調査立案の経験



  • 統計解析ソフトウエア(SAS もしくは R)もしくは費用対効果に関するソフトウエア(TreeAge)に関する知識
  • GCP下もしくは臨床研究法、倫理指針下での観察研究の予算立案・執行の定められた原則遵守
  • ビジネスレベルの英語力


  • 製薬企業が関わる研究の関連法規・業界ルールに精通している
  • 研究計画書や解析計画書等の研究関連文書の作成に関わる知識・スキル(ベンダーマネジメントを含む)



  • Challenge精神にあふれる方
  • 研究に対する探求心はもちろんのこと、対人理解力・調整力をもった方(研究は社内外の多くの関係者と高度な連携が求められるため)
  • プロフェッショナルとしての自身に求められる役割を明確に理解し、誇りをもって完遂できる柔軟性と対応力を有する方


  • 臨床試験、Real World Evidence、患者報告アウトカム、医療経済学(HTA)及びWeb等を用いたアンケート調査等の様々な前向き/後ろ向き研究/横断研究を通じて、上市後の薬剤に関する研究の最先端が経験できます
  • 研究を通じ、患者さんが求める“いま”必要なことに貢献することができます


  • 上市後の薬剤に関する様々な研究の最先端の知見を学び、経験することができます
  • 自身が関与した研究の論文著者として公表できます


  • クリニカルクエスチョンを実現したい方は是非、応募ください




賞与: 原則年2回





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Tokyo, Japan

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