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Market Access Manager

Xi’an, China. 

This position is responsible for government affairs and market access related work in Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai and other five provinces to support the company’s product NRDL listing, local access landing and regional business development. Work content: Establish a strategic cooperative relationship with relevant government departments in the area; formulate access strategies and goals, and implement them in the region. At the same time, assist and support the regional and related access work; support the company’s various departments to develop in the region Implementation of the company’s strategic projects. Work place in XI’AN . Temporarily escrow Henan Province.

Main Job Responsibilities And Behaviors  

1. Establish and maintain communication platforms and strategic partnerships between relevant government departments and stakeholders. Fully demonstrate the company’s mission and vision in China.

2. Timely follow up the trend of medical and health and biomedical industry-related policies in the region, actively participate in the shaping of the medical industry policy environment in the region, promote the development of biomedicine-related policies, and provide timely feedback on relevant policy suggestions.

3. Assist the region to complete various access work and related activities and projects, including support for NRDL; follow up the implementation policy after the provincial and local negotiations, and implement the action plan in the responsible region to achieve the access goal.

4. Provide support for various business departments within the company, including:

  • Maintain good communication with business departments in the region, analyze local policy trends in a timely manner, and provide professional policy guidance and support.
  • Support the implementation of the company’s strategic projects in the responsible area and promote the realization of business goals.
  • Understand the response mechanism of crisis management, and coordinate the handling of crisis issues in the region.

5. As a representative of Amgen, actively participate in various activities in charge of the regional pharmaceutical industry, and create a beneficial external policy environment for the development of the industry and the company.

6. Support the region to manage the internal processes of related companies.

7. Compliance first, active learning, and a good sense of teamwork

  • Actively participate in the construction of high-performance, learning organizations.
  • Set personal performance goals, clarify training needs, and improve access professional capabilities in practice.
  • Strictly comply with the company’s compliance requirements

8. Complete other related work to promote the company’s business development.

Basic requirements

1: Have the experience and ability to work closely with key stakeholders and maintain good cooperative relations

2: Have basic abilities in policy analysis, project management and negotiation

3: Business orientation

4: Experience in government affairs and market access is preferred

Skill Requirements 

1: Good written and oral expression and communication skills

2: Can be result-oriented

3: Judgment and problem-solving ability: make judgments based on specific situations and solve problems

4: Team spirit: actively cooperate with colleagues

5: Basic English communication skills

Background Requirements 

1: Bachelor degree or above, medicine, pharmacy, public health and other related majors are preferred

2: 2-3 years of work experience in market access, pharmaceutical industry, and multinational companies







  • 保持与区域内业务部门的良好沟通,及时分析当地政策趋势,提供专业政策指导和支持。
  • 支持公司战略项目在负责区域的落地,促进业务目标的实现。
  • 了解危机管理的应对机制,协调处理区域内危机事宜。




  • 积极主动参与高绩效、学习型组织的建设。
  • 制定个人绩效目标,明确培训需求,在实践中提高准入专业能力。
  • 严格遵守公司的合规要求
















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